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Once Upon A Winter (close up top)

Once upon a winter’s night, snow drifted down from the icy sky, swirling in an ethereal pattern. The snowflakes—shimmering from bright lavender, to sapphire blue and sterling silver, each one having a unique shape—were all equally beautiful in their own way. The snowflake’s crystalline facets sparkled in the enchanted light of the crescent moon, as they spiraled downward, being carried on the wind’s icy currents. Finally they fell upon the ground, where they blanketed the sloping hills and silent forests.

The snowflake is a very important symbol to me. Because no two snowflakes are identical, they represent human diversity. If you look at each one that descends from the sky, you will discover that each has a unique pattern. And like snowflakes, each person is uniquely beautiful. Each of us is a snowflake that just happens to be a different design than the others.

Limited Edition, 100 s/n
Print size is 12”x 18”


Copyright"Windows By Kaitrin", copyright 2013 Kaitrin Beechey, all rights reserved
Once Upon A Winter (close up top)