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nice to see these images.. really great stuff.. amazing work...
Liane Holliday Willey(non-registered)
Hi Kaitrin! I'm so pleased to see your art portfolio growing in leaps and bounds. I've been a fan of your artwork for over a decade and continue to find the pieces I have, soothing and engrossing at the same time! Not only do I admire your talent, I find it soothes me. My imagination is my best gift and your work lets my imagination take me to places that calm my nerves and to places that please me. Bravo for sharing your talent and your wonderful point of view with the world! Best wishes! Liane
Phillip Reaney(non-registered)
Hi Kaitrin, what lovley and intricate art work,so much to lookat in one piece.

You are very talented and you art is inspiring.

P.S.- You never know perhaps one day I could use your services for a CD album cover.....

All the Best

Phillip R. :)
Dr. Bob King(non-registered)
Dr Bob king(non-registered)

Thank you for allowing into your beautiful world Kaitrin What a wonderful blessing , Dr. Bob King
Kaitrin is a true artist; she inspires through her beautiful artwork and through her written word. I am so fortunate to have had the chance to meet her in person, and to see her magnificent pieces.
Thank you for sharing your inspirational story at our conference. You may not realize it, but your gift offers so much hope to others.
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