Just like my curly hair, Aspergers is a part of me. It shapes my personality and the way I view the world.

From an early age, my art gave me a way to communicate and connect with emotions that I couldn't express through words. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, those were the thousand words that I didn’t have.

My art was and still is my refuge. With the use of intricate detail, pattern and repetition I've created peaceful worlds of dignity and acceptance. Through my art I hope to encourage others to celebrate their strengths and cherish their differences instead of seeing them as barriers that must be overcome.

I take great joy in sharing my art with others and I regularly exhibit and speak at conferences and workshops with the hope of demonstrating how innate talents and special interests can be applied to create positive outcomes.

I call my art ‘Windows by Kaitrin’ because windows go both ways. They allow me to look out to the world, but they also allow you a glimpse into my peaceful world. My art is a personal journey.

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